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What to Do If The Long-standing Perfume Bottle Does Not Spray Out Perfume

When we use brand new unopened perfumes or perfumes that have been stored for a long time, we always encounter situations where the perfume will not come out. At this time, if you unscrew the mouth of the perfume bottle, the smell will be great again, and what should I do if the perfume does not come out?

What to do if the perfume can't come out

Reason 1: Brand new perfume bottle nozzles generally have gas.

Solution: Press the glass perfume bottle several times to squeeze out the gas, and the perfume can be sprayed out smoothly.

Reason 2: The nozzle of the perfume bottle is blocked.

Solution: This is generally a situation that occurs when perfume bottles are left for a long time. You can use a needle to gently insert the small hole of the glass fragrance bottles nozzle, and dredge it manually. When using needles, pay attention to personal safety.

Reason 3: The quality of the perfume glass bottle nozzle.

Solution: You can go with a brand new fragrance bottle nozzle, if the perfume has been used halfway, you can buy a brand new roll-on perfume bottle. Move the remaining perfume into the roll-on perfume bottle, which is more convenient for subsequent use.

Note: Do not shake the perfume bottle vigorously when the perfume cannot be sprayed out. This will cause the alcohol in the perfume liquid to evaporate, shorten the fragrance time of the perfume, and make the fragrance of the perfume lighter.

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How to preserve the perfume

1. Keep away from light and keep in a dark place

Perfume is easy to evaporate, and direct sunlight can change the color of perfume, so you need to store the perfume in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

2. Moderate temperature

Temperature change, high temperature or low temperature may degrade the chemicals in essential oils and synthetic perfumes, which will change the tone and aroma of perfume, so perfume should be placed in a suitable and constant temperature place.

3. Prevent oxidation

Try to avoid contact with air. The mouth of the perfume bottle should be tight and not loose, and immediately seal it after use to keep the perfume less exposed to air.

How long is the shelf life of the perfume

To be clear, perfume does not have a fixed shelf life. Even if the shelf life or recommended use period of the production or sales trademark is clear, the deterioration of the perfume has nothing to do with this date. It values the preservation environment. If it is stored well, the taste will still be good after 10 years; if it is stored in a bad environment, it will still deteriorate even within the so-called shelf life.

In short, perfume is like a good bottle of wine. If it is stored well, it will become an antique fragrance and a treasure.

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