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What Are the Containers For Skin Care Products

Glass Bottle

1.Colorful cosmetic glass dropper bottle for cosmetics are mainly divided into skincare products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, nail polish several categories of small capacity, greater than 200ml capacity is rarely used for cosmetics. Glass bottles are also divided into wide-mouth bottles, narrow-mouth bottles, solid creams are generally used in wide-mouth bottles, it is appropriate to match the electrochemical aluminium cap or plastic lid, the cap can be used for colour spray oil and other effects; emulsion or water-based creams are generally used in narrow-mouth bottles, it is appropriate to match with the pump head, such as with the lid needs to match the inner plug, water with a small hole with the inner plug, thicker emulsion with a large hole with the inner plug.

2.Uneven thickness of glass bottles will easily lead to damage, or in the cold conditions easy to be squeezed by the contents of the broken, so it should be tested in filling a reasonable capacity, in the transport of the application of paper holder and a single separation, in the product should be equipped with a colour box, the inner tray and in the box more can take to the role of anti-vibration. 

3.Glass bottles commonly used bottle shapes are usually in stock, such as essential oil bottles, ordinary clear or frosted bottles. The production cycle of glass bottles is long, as fast as 20 days, some supply period to 45 days, the general order quantity of 5,000 to 10,000, the smaller the bottle shape to do the larger the amount, the cycle and the starting order quantity will be affected by the peak season, low season. Open mold cost: manual mold in about 2,500 yuan, automatic mold is generally in about 4,000 yuan a, 1 out of 4 or 1 out of 8 to 16,000 yuan -32,000 yuan, depending on the conditions of manufacturers. Essential oil bottles are usually made of teal or tinted and tinted frosted, which can be protected from light, with a lid with a safety ring, which can be matched with an inner plug or dropper, and perfume bottles are usually matched with a delicate spray pump head or plastic lid.

Combination form:

  • Cream bottle: Glass body + double-layer plastic outer cap (general capacity in 10g-50g)

  • Essence bottle: Glass bottle + plastic pump head or electrochemical aluminium pump head (relatively high capacity in 20 to 100ml)

  • Toner bottle: Glass body + plastic inner stopper + outer cap (100ml or more, can also be equipped with a pump head of the kind)

  • Essential oil bottle: Glass body + inner stopper + large head cap or rubber drip tip + dropper + electrochemical aluminium cap production process

  • Bottle: transparent bottle, frosted bottle coloured bottle "white porcelain bottle, essential oil bottle" (not commonly used colour but high order quantity, professional line bias less used).   

Flexible Conduit

1.The flexible conduit is divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer flexible conduits which are different in terms of anti-pressure, anti-permeation and feel, such as five-layer tubes by the outer layer, inner layer, two adhesive layers, and another barrier layer. Features: excellent gas barrier performance, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odour gases while preventing the contents of the fragrance and active ingredients seepage.

2.Double-layer flexible conduit is more commonly used, is also available in the low-grade single-layer, hose calibre for 13 #-60 # a variety of calibres, selected a certain calibre of hose, with different lengths marked different capacity characteristics, capacity 3ml-360ml can be an arbitrary adjustment, in order to beautiful coordination, the following 60ml commonly used below 35 # calibre, 100ml, 150ml, usually with 35 #-45 # calibre, more than 150ml capacity need to use more than 45 # calibre. 100ml, 150ml usually with 35#-45# calibre, 150ml capacity above the need to use 45# calibre.

3.The process is divided into the round flexible conduit, oval flexible conduit, flat flexible conduit and super flat flexible conduit. The flat tube and super flat tube are more complicated than other tubes, and they are also the new tubes in recent years, so the price is more expensive.

4.Flexible conduit in various shapes, generally divided into the flat cap, round cap, high cap, lift cap, super flat cap, double cap, spherical cap, lipstick cap, the plastic cover can also be a variety of processes, hot gold edge, silver edge, coloured cover, transparent, oil spray, electroplating, etc., pointed cap and lipstick cover is usually equipped with an inner plug. Flexible conduit cover for injection moulding products, the conduit for pulling the flexible conduit, most hose manufacturers themselves do not produce hose cover.

5.Some products need to be filled before sealing the end. The sealing is divided into straight sealing, diagonal sealing, umbrella sealing, star point sealing, and shaped sealing, and the required date code can be printed on the sealing when sealing.

6.Flexible conduit can be made of a coloured conduit, transparent conduit, coloured or transparent frosted, pearl conduit, and matte and bright, matte looks elegant but easy to the dirty, coloured conduit and tube body large area printing difference, can be judged from the end of the cut, the cut for the white for large area printing conduit, with high ink requirements, otherwise easy to fall off and subject to folding will crack and reveal white marks.

Plastic Bottle

1.Plastic bottles are usually made of PP, PE, K material, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc.

2.Usually used for cosmetic container wall thicker cream bottles, caps, stoppers, gaskets, pump heads, dust covers for injection moulding; PET blowing bottles for two-step moulding, tube embryo for injection moulding, finished packaging for blowing bottles. Others such as lotion bottles with thin container walls and washing bottles are blown bottles.

3.PET material is an environmentally friendly material with high barrier, lightweight, non-shattering characteristics, chemical resistance, extremely transparent, can be made into pearlescent, coloured, magnetic white, transparent, widely used in containing gel water. Bottle mouth is generally standard 16 #, 18 #, 22 #, 24 # calibre, can be used with the pump head. 

4.Acrylic material for injection moulding bottles, chemical resistance is poor, generally can not be directly filled with cream, need to match the inner liner barrier, filling is not easy too full to prevent the cream into the inner liner and acrylic bottle between, so as not to crack, transportation in the packaging requirements are high, because the scratch looks particularly obvious, high permeability, the sense of the wall is particularly thick, but the price is quite expensive.

5.AS, ABS: AS has better transparency than ABS and better toughness.

Colorful cosmetic glass dropper bottle


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