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How to Clean Glass Drop Bottles Step by Step

You can reuse most glass droppers and dropper bottles, but they must be thoroughly cleaned before reuse. Next, I will introduce you to the detailed cleaning steps of the glass dropper bottle.

1. Prepare a basin of water first, and put the glass dropper in it to soak. Take care to disassemble all parts and components.

2. Prepare a slender test tube brush, we need to brush the inner wall of the bottle. Be careful to choose a test tube brush that also has hair on the top, so that the bottom of the bottle can be cleaned well.

3. Fill the glass dropper bottle with water, and then repeatedly scrub the bottle with a test tube brush.

4. Now let's rinse the glass dropper bottle. Fill the bottle with water, block the mouth of the bottle and shake it vigorously to allow the water to wash the wall of the bottle. This step can wash off the dust that was just brushed off.

5. Clean the part of the glue head dropper as well. The method is to suck the water into the glass dropper and squeeze it out and repeat it more than a dozen times.

6. Next, we will perform alcohol disinfection. Prepare a glass of medical alcohol, usually in two concentrations of 75% and 95%. 75% is more commonly used and 95% has a high concentration. It is generally called pure alcohol. It is an extremely flammable substance and is more difficult to buy. You can buy 75% alcohol to clean the glass dropper.

7. Use long-handled tweezers to hold the freshly cleaned bottle and gently put it in the alcohol. Make sure that the bottle is filled with alcohol and do not leave bubbles because the bubbles will prevent the glass bottle wall from contacting the alcohol.

8. After we put all the glass dropper bottles in, close the lid to avoid alcohol volatilization and soak for about 1 hour.

9. After soaking, use tweezers to pick up the bottle and pour out the alcohol inside.

10. Put the bottle upside down on the lid of the alcohol tank to allow the remaining alcohol to flow out naturally so that the way of inverting can also prevent dust from falling in.

11. After removing all the glass dropper bottles, keep them upside down for 10-20 minutes.

12. The disinfection has been completed, we just need to find a clean place to put the plate for about 24 hours.

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