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The Meaning of Perfume Bottles for Perfume

Perfume is not unfamiliar to contemporary women, and even some girls can't live without the perfume. The term "beautiful temptation" is a perfect fit. However, now we are not only pursuing that attractive fragrance, but the visual requirements for perfume bottles are also becoming higher.

If the perfume is a "flower" in a container, the perfume bottle is undoubtedly her beautiful garden. It can be said that whether a perfume can become popular hot money in the market, in addition to the "fragrance" set by the perfumer, the role of the perfume bottle is also crucial. A lady who is keen on Chanel once said that a good perfume without a unique perfume bottle design, even if it is perfect, cannot win the favor of most people.

It is understood that the Egyptians first used various stone containers for perfumes, such as round-bellied bottles, which were sealed with flat corks or cloth balls. The Greek craftsmen made a series of ceramic containers to hold perfume. Until the end of the 19th century, perfumes were still placed in ordinary containers. Perfumers put fragrances into bottles at home or asked customers to choose a container while choosing a perfume. It requires a large number of beautiful bottles for sale in the store to meet the different needs of customers.

However, when modern production starts, the sale of finished perfumes must be considered, and the design purpose of perfume bottles has accordingly become to attract potential customers. The appearance of the bottle is an important factor in determining the sales of perfumes. Nowadays, well-known perfume companies employ top perfume bottle designers, some of which are company-specific, and more are freelance designers. Modern perfume bottles are made of a variety of materials, mainly plastic and glass, as well as leather and stone materials.

Many people still have a lot of misunderstandings about limited edition perfume bottles. Most of them think that “perfume bottles are just the last step in perfume design”. The fact is just the opposite. The first thing most perfume brands have to do after conceiving a new fragrance concept is to find a perfume bottle designer to design a perfume bottle with a feeling, usually after the perfume bottle is out of the oven, it is the turn to perfume. The division played. Some people think that perfume bottles are incense containers that are fired in a mold. The manufacturing process of custom-made perfume bottles is much more complicated than ordinary glass bottles, and can be on the same level as works of art, and the cost of some bottles is much higher than the perfume itself.

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