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How to Transfer And Refill Perfume Bottle

Some beautiful ladies may wonder how to transfer perfume from one bottle to another. Or they ran out of perfume, but they were still obsessed with the design of the long-used perfume bottle and wanted to refill the perfume bottle. It is also possible that they bought a beautiful perfume bottle in a shopping mall. Their love of beauty makes them want to fill this empty perfume bottle with perfume.

If you want to take your favorite perfume or cologne with you when you travel, you can use small metal perfume bottles, glass perfume bottles, or plastic perfume bottles. If you are using a metal sprayer, align the sprayer with the nozzle of the perfume bottle and fill it with perfume. If you use a plastic sprayer, just spray the perfume into the bottle. You can also open the cap of the perfume bottle directly and use a small funnel to fill the perfume bottle. Perfume bottle caps are usually plastic or glass. The sprayer is the top part that you press to release the perfume. To remove the cap from the perfume bottle, you just need to lift the cap and put the cap aside. So what are the specific steps?

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How to Transfer OR Refill Perfume to Perfume Bottle

Preparation Tools:

Big perfume bottle, perfume dispenser, dispensing bottle, tongs.

Steps to Transfer Perfume from One Bottle to Another

  1. First, pull out the nozzle of the large bottle of perfume with pliers.

  2. Align the perfume dispenser vertically with the perfume straw, and press down twice to press the syringe without releasing it.

  3. Press the syringe and pull the push rod upward to draw out the desired perfume.

  4. Put the extracted perfume into the prepared small perfume bottle, and you've done.

You Can Also Use A Medical Syringe to Transfer Perfume

  1. First, prepare a small perfume bottle.

  2. Buy another medical syringe (for safety and health).

  3. When dispensing, insert the needle along the gap at the nozzle of the perfume bottle to absorb the perfume. Not every time you can go in, you must be patient and search repeatedly.

  4. Put the extracted perfume into the prepared small perfume bottle, and you've done.

Advantages of using dispense bottles or syringes

  1. It will not damage the perfume bottle.

  2. It will not spill perfume.

  3. It will not pollute the quality of the original perfume.

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Many perfumes now have samples. You can put them in samples, which is not only convenient to carry but also convenient to use. It must be noted that perfumes are best not to be placed in plastic bottles because perfume contains essence and alcohol. After the perfume and plastic bottles are in contact, the quality and the fragrance may change.

Generally, the shelf life of perfume is three years. Do not think that perfume will not expire. Besides, perfume should not be placed in high temperature or strong sunlight and should be placed in a cool and dry place.

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