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How to Choose A Cosmetic Packaging Container

Cosmetic packaging should meet at least the following three functions:

  1. The packaging of cosmetics should reflect the characteristics and effects of the contents. For example, the packaging of toner and softener should be transparent so that people can see the clear and pure water at a glance.

  2. Cosmetic packaging needs to have excellent storage capacity, be resistant to squeezing during transportation and use, and withstand moderate friction and vibration.

  3. Cosmetic packaging should be easy to use. For example, moisturizing water and moisturizing milk should have a pump head to facilitate consumers to squeeze the packaging bottle.

Knowing the basic functions of cosmetic packaging, we can choose different cosmetic packaging materials according to our brand characteristics and channel characteristics.

various cosmetic bottle

Packaging form and choice of cosmetics

1. Glass bottles are very popular in some daily cosmetics channels, and their natural transparent texture can improve the image of the entire product and enhance product quality. Although with the improvement of PET barrier properties, glass bottles account for a smaller and smaller proportion of cosmetic packaging, they are still widely welcomed by consumers of medium and high-end daily cosmetics.

Application: high-end clubs, daily chemical counters, used for milk, liquid, essence, cream.

2. Acrylic packaging has the advantages of plastic packagings, such as lightweight, convenient transportation, and the transparent and high-end advantages of glass bottle packaging, but its cost is relatively high. For channels such as large beauty salons, clubs, and high-end counters, acrylic bottles are the main trend in skincare packaging.

Application: daily cosmetics, skincare products, beauty salons, etc.

3. Cosmetic plastic containers, plastic bottles are divided into transparent, translucent, and opaque, which can well show the characteristics of products with different properties, and are based on PET and PE materials. Plastic bottles are characterized by various shapes, lightweight, not easy to break, and low cost. The PET bottle is made of environmentally friendly plastic and can be recycled.

Application: e-commerce, plant skincare, etc.

4. Carton packaging is generally used for soap, or powder cosmetics, such as facial mask powder, and outer packaging. The exquisitely printed and reasonably structured carton packaging greatly improves the shelf display effect of the product. In improving the packaging quality and grade of the carton, the use of CTP technology, some special effect pigments and inks have played a huge role.

Application: soap box, film powder box, and various outer packaging.

5. The hose has strong plasticity and is suitable for cleansing products, lotions, creams, etc. Nowadays hoses have a variety of shapes and tube types, and some can even add pump heads for a wide range of options. Low cost, beautiful appearance, convenient use and easy transportation are the advantages of hose packaging.

Application: cleansing products, film cream products, hand cream, etc.

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