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Difference Between Glass And Plastic Cosmetic Packaging

Unique cosmetics design allows consumers to deepen their impression of products, and female consumers are more likely to consume impulsively. It is often only because of the beautiful packaging that girls buy a product that they may not particularly need. Currently, cosmetic containers on the market mainly include glass, plastic, and some metal packaging. Consumers cannot easily be confused by the cosmetics' exquisite packaging, but need to understand their quality, hygiene, and materials. Today we mainly introduce the difference between glass and plastic cosmetic packaging.

1. Glass cosmetic packaging: 80%-90% of the glass cosmetic packaging container material is glass and 10%-20% is plastic. General packaging will use metal ion additives to produce green, dark green, light cyan, and brown glass. Colored glass packaging bottles can enhance the light-blocking effect and facilitate the enzyme cosmetics storage, such as VC, white peony tea, polyphenols, and other cosmetics that have antioxidant properties and whitening skin.

On the other hand, glass cosmetic packaging is not easy to react with chemical substances, is easy to clean and hygienic, can withstand high-temperature storage, and can also be stored at ultra-low temperature. These advantages are incomparable with plastic cosmetic packaging. Of course, it also has its shortcomings, such as net weight, high transportation costs, high energy consumption during production and processing, and air pollution.

2. Plastic cosmetic packaging: plastic is a polymer composite material with good barrier and airtightness, and high visibility. The disadvantage is plastics are easily oxidized with air, which is not conducive to long-term storage of cosmetics. But generally speaking, the shelf life of cosmetics is 6 to 12 months, which is not very harmful.

Besides, most of the plastic packagings can be recycled into new plastic products, which is conducive to protecting the environment. Many well-known overseas brand cosmetics use plastic bottles, which are in line with the development trend of low-carbon, environmental protection, and care for the earth.

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