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Application of Plastic Bottles in Cosmetic Plastic Packaging

The plastic bottle industry is an industry with frequent technological updates, and timely mastery of new technologies is essential for the development of an enterprise. The emergence of hot-filled plastic bottles is also the result of such an opportunity. The important reason why plastic bottles are used in cosmetic container packaging is that they are easy to transport and not easy to break. However, not all plastic bottles can be used to package cosmetics. Globally, there are strict requirements for the plastic packaging of cosmetics. Related companies must strictly abide by the relevant production and packaging regulations.

Generally speaking, the materials used for cosmetic packaging of plastic bottles are divided into PP, PE, K material, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc. Among them, PET material is used for the molding of cosmetic packaging plastic bottles. Acrylic-based radioactive bottles have poor chemical resistance, and generally cannot be directly placed in a paste form, and should be equipped with liners to intercept them.

The bottleneck crystallization technology of hot-filled PET bottles is the key. At present, the new technology can make the bottle withstand the filling temperature of 93℃. The future development trend of hot-filled bottles is mainly focused on weight reduction and diverse designs.

The development of plastic bottles has gone through several processes such as adding PEN and applying barrier coatings. At present, a more feasible solution is to use multilayer bottle production technology, with EVOH or nylon as the barrier layer in the middle. PC is currently the main material for making 5-gallon drinking buckets. It has been reported that drinking buckets made of PET can also meet the quality requirements, but in a short period, PET still has no possibility of replacing PC.

As a newly developed product, BOPP bottles are currently mainly concentrated in some beverages that require high-temperature sterilization or pasteurization. PE containers are not widely used in beverage plastic blow molding machines, mainly concentrated in a small amount of large-capacity (such as 5 liters) bottled water.

With the advent of the era of cold aseptic filling of beverages, ordinary PET bottles are making a comeback. At the same time, the multi-layer bottle technology that uses recycled materials as the core layer in the production of ordinary PET bottles has been quite mature, but due to the high requirements for equipment, the cost has become the main factor restricting development.

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