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7 "don'ts"! Teach You How to Spray Perfume

On the way to perfume properly,

There will always be some minefields in ambush,

Some you may not notice,

Some of you may have stepped on it!

Not much nonsense,

Come and see what are there now!

1. Don't smell the fragrance directly at the mouth of the perfume bottle!

For perfume that can be unscrewed, don't smell it like you smell your soy sauce. Because the smell from the bottle mouth will only be pungent alcohol and volatile top notes. All perfumes must react with the skin in order to create your own scent.

What's more, unscrewing the perfume bottle frequently will accelerate the volatilization of the perfume, and the impurities in the air will easily enter the bottle and damage the quality of the perfume.

2. Do not spray perfume on your face or hair!

Chanel Coco once said a very classic saying,

"Spray perfume where you want to be kissed."

I don't know if there will be a couple spraying perfume on their faces...

Absolutely not! The face is forbidden! Facial skin is sensitive and fragile, and the alcohol contained in perfume can irritate the skin.

Similarly, hair is not easy to come into contact with alcohol. In addition to damaging the hair, the mixture of odorous hair and perfume produces a very lethal poisonous gas!

3. As a novice, don't spray several perfumes at the same time

The formula of each perfume is extremely complex, and the fragrance is balanced. If you mix and match improperly, it is easy to mix up an unpleasant smell.

Generally, people who mix and match perfumes are either already veterans in the perfume industry or are operating under professional consultation. But you can't mix and match success with interest.

4. Do not pour another perfume directly into the emptied perfume bottle

Diligence, frugality, and simplicity are virtues. It is a good thing to be able to use perfume bottles repeatedly, but pay attention to the correct method!

After pouring out the original perfume, pour rubbing alcohol into the bottle and shake it for a few minutes, then spray it out. If you can still smell the original perfume, put the freshly poured alcohol in the bottle for one night before smelling it.

In short, be sure to clean up the original perfume and pour another perfume. Using alcohol to clean up is the safest.

5. Do not spray perfume on the part where the sun will get exposed

Certain ingredients in perfume react with light, irritating the skin. For example, if bergamot oil is sprayed on the face or on a location that is easily exposed to the sun, the long-wave ultraviolet rays in the sun will combine with these chemicals to cause a photochemical reaction, resulting in skin inflammation and spot-like dark spots on the face.

6. Do not spray perfume on jewelry and gold and silver products

The chemical components in perfume can damage the quality of these accessories and make them lose their luster. If you want to wear jewelry, gold, and silver jewelry, it is best to spray perfume before wearing.

7. don't shake the perfume when nothing is wrong

The longer the perfume bottle is shaken, the more frequent the perfume will be in contact with the air in the bottle, not only the faster it volatilizes, but the easier it is to oxidize and deteriorate. So, let it stay quietly.

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