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Why Use Glass Bottle Packaging for Essential Oil Bottles

Cosmetic packaging essential oil bottles have won the trust of consumers with their excellent quality. Some far-sighted cosmetic packaging manufacturers have abandoned plastic bottles and switched to glass bottles. Although it will increase product costs at the beginning and the market will have a certain period of adaptation, it is worthwhile in the long run. If traditional enterprises want to win the market for a long time, they must transform. Only by keeping up with market trends can they win market share. Essential oil bottle glass packaging will gradually win a part of the market share and be favored by packaging companies because it has many advantages.

The advantages of cosmetic packaging essential oil bottle glass packaging

  • The essential oil bottle glass material is lead-free and harmless, and it also has good barrier properties. It can well prevent various gases from oxidizing and corroding the essential oil in the bottle.

  • The essential oil bottle glass material can be recycled and reprocessed to reduce environmental pollution.

  • The glass of the essential oil bottle is transparent, which can easily reflect the color of the bottle contents.

  • The glass material of the essential oil bottle is safe and hygienic. It has good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, especially suitable for the packaging of skincare products.

  • Because the essential oil bottle glass material is suitable for mass production of automatic production lines, and the development of automatic filling technology and equipment is relatively mature, glass packaging has a greatly production advantage in the domestic and foreign markets.

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