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The Secret of Perfume Bottles

The design of the perfume bottle is popular among women, and many people collect the used perfume bottle. The perfume bottles you see are narrow mouths. The design of such perfume bottles makes sense. Let me take you into the secrets about perfume bottles:

Design features of perfume bottles


Because perfume is volatile, the mouth of the perfume bottle will be smaller, which can make the perfume smell more durable. Moreover, it is easier to control the dosage when it is poured out to avoid waste.


Perfume is a carry-on item. As a fashion accessory, perfume packaging must not only be small and convenient but also delicate and beautiful. The capacity of a common perfume bottle is about 50ML.

Ease of operation

The outlet design of the perfume container should enable people to judge how to operate, whether to press or rotate the first time they are used. At present, there are generally various methods such as lifting lid type, nozzle type, airbag extrusion type, and dumping type. The nozzle type is common, and the airbag type is also very popular in recent years.


Combining environmental protection, color, humanity, history and culture, and many other aspects of innovative perfume design and packaging, making it a work of art.

For a successful perfume, its design and packaging must be durable and attractive at first sight, similar to what we said to make consumers feel in love at first sight, which can activate their potential desires and stimulate purchasing power. What the designer pursues is a style without a time limit, combining simplicity and decoration, convenience, and attractiveness.

Advantages of the excellent perfume bottle design

1. The color makes people shine.

2. The bottle shape is unique.

3. The texture of the bottle is better than the others.

4. The bottle body is embellished with high-quality details.

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