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Analysis of The Export Market of Glass Perfume Bottles

Glass bottles for packaging perfume are currently the most common way of packaging perfume on the market. Glass perfume bottle packaging currently occupies a large share in exports. This is mainly related to developed and long-established perfume production abroad.

For the export of glass perfume bottles, glass perfume bottles made by China perfume glass bottle manufacturers have three major advantages.

The first is the price advantage of domestic glass perfume bottle production. The low domestic wages in the country make perfume bottles occupy a price advantage in the European and American markets.

The second is of industrial advantages. After years of development, domestic perfume bottle packaging production has great advantages in all aspects of raw materials and equipment manufacturing.

The third is the continuous improvement of domestic glass perfume bottle production quality, which has strong international competitiveness.

China glass perfume bottle 3ml  China glass perfume bottle 2ml

So, what about the export market for glass perfume bottles?

First of all, orders for glass perfume bottles from Europe and the United States are mainly based on direct sample processing and production, and are processed according to the drawings of perfume manufacturers.

Secondly, the orders of glass perfume bottles in some underdeveloped areas are more price and cost-effective. They mainly purchase glass perfume bottles in stock.

Finally, some manufacturers have started to design and produce perfume bottles themselves, and export to foreign countries to earn more profits. This is also the main trend in the future.


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