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5 Ways to Teach You To Distinguish Between True And False Perfume

Usually, a delicate woman has a perfume of her own. A little perfume can increase the personal charm and maintain a pleasant mood. But the current market is chaotic. Even on the shelves of high-end shopping malls, there are many high-quality imitation products. A good perfume is the taste of life. Inferior perfume is not only out-of-grade but also has certain harm to our health. So what methods can help us identify the quality of perfume? Quickly read the following to understand the relevant knowledge.

1. Look at the packaging

No matter what the product is, exquisite packaging is the customer's first impression. If the packaging of the perfume bottle is of poor quality, likely, the quality of the perfume will not be very good. Generally, high-end perfume bottles will have a thin film covering the outside of the packaging carton. The film paper on the outside of the low-quality perfume bottle packaging may be a little wrinkled. If the pattern on the packaging of the perfume bottle is very fuzzy, this kind of perfume is not recommended.

2. Look at the bottle

The quality of high-end custom perfume bottles is generally better, and the surface of the bottle is smooth and delicate. If you see a perfume bottle with a rough surface in a shopping mall, and the cap is asymmetrical, the perfume nozzle cannot spray the perfume normally, do not buy this kind of perfume.

3. The cardboard in the box

The production of perfume boxes is also exquisite, and the packaging of good perfumes is made of high-quality paper boards. Its purpose is to keep the perfume bottle from being damaged, which is why we will see some perfume boxes have a special structure inside. Generally, the cardboard used in perfume bottles is white. If it is in other colors, you should buy it carefully.

4. The color of the perfume

Well-known brand perfumes usually do not use a lot of dyes, so we can also distinguish the quality of perfume by looking at the color of the perfume. The colors of high-end perfumes are usually very fresh and light-colored. For example, high-end perfumes with natural fragrances are mostly amber and brown. Naturally extracted essential oils such as roses and jasmine are yellow, brown, white, or greenish-brown.

5. Fragrance

The last judgment factor is also a more important one. Good perfume smells are pleasant to the body and mind, while cheap perfume smells pungent. High-end perfumes will last longer. In addition, genuine perfumes can be divided into top, middle and back notes. Each stage has different fragrances, which makes people more attractive.

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