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5 Kinds of Trees That Can Replace "Perfume Bottles"

With the development of the economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, especially for the health and safety of the home, which is a top priority. To make the home environment more beautiful and safer, more and more people like to use flowers and plants to decorate their houses.

perfume bottle tree

Today, I will introduce you to 5 kinds of trees. All of them can emit a pleasant aroma during the growth process, and they can all be used as "perfume bottles" at home. It is very suitable for the living room, the appearance is elegant and high-grade, and it can also clean the pollution!

These five trees are a lemon tree, rosewood, rosewood, fragrant wood, and mulberry. They are all tree species with very elegant appearance, and they are also very suitable for bonsai maintenance. Next, let me introduce the characteristics of these five trees.

1.Lemon tree

The lemon tree is now a very fashionable family tree. It not only looks interesting and elegant but also exudes a faint fragrance during the growth process, whether it is branches, leaves, or flowers. It is placed in the living room at home, the air quality is rising, and after the lemon tree is well maintained, it can also bear lemon fruit!

Lemon tree

2. Rosewood

Rosewood is a relatively precious tree species. It can accumulate oil in the body during its growth. So, like some old rosewood piles, their smell is better. Moreover, keeping a rosewood bonsai like this can not only purify the air and beautify the environment, but also increase its value! The price is very precious.


3. Padauk

Padauk is also a very precious tree species, and like rosewood, it likes to grow in warm and humid places. During the growth process, the red padauk can also exude a faint, dark fragrance, which is refreshing to smell. It is especially suitable as a living room bonsai and is one of the best choice for replacing perfume bottles.


4. Fragrant wood

Some people often confuse fragrant wood and pepperwood because they both look very similar and both emit aromatic substances. However, the leaves can be distinguished between the two. Fragrant wood is a compound tree pinnate shape, while pepperwood has an odd-pinnate shape, so the two are very easy to distinguish.

Fragrant wood

5. Guri incense

Guri incense is also a very precious family fragrant wood. As early as in ancient times, the nobles of high officials liked to raise guli incense in their homes and yards and believed that its fragrance can make people healthy and bring good luck. Although many people don't have a yard in their homes, they can also grow a few pots of Jiulixiang potted plants in the living room, which can also make the environment more elegant and upscale, instead of cologne bottles to purify the air.

Guri incense


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