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How to Use A Plastic Dropper Correctly

The use of plastic or glass dropper is very simple, but for people who are new to contact, there may be unclear points. So today we will introduce how to use the plastic eye dropper correctly, hope it will be helpful to you.

What Is A Plastic Dropper

The plastic eye dropper is also called the plastic cap dropper. It is an instrument used to suck or drip a small amount of liquid reagents. The plastic dropper consists of a plastic cap and a glass tube. There are several forms such as straight shape, straight shape with cushion ball, and curved shape with cushion ball. The specifications of the glue-tip dropper are expressed by tube length, which is commonly used as 90 mm and 100 mm. Each drop of liquid from the pipette eye droppers is 0.05 ml.

How to Use A Plastic Eye Dropper

plastic and glass dropper

When picking it up: Use the ring finger and middle finger to clamp the joint between the rubber head and the glass tube, to prevent the rubber head from falling off, and you cannot clamp it with your thumb and index finger (or middle finger).

When aspirating liquid: first squeeze the rubber tip with your thumb and index finger to drive out the air in the dropper. Then put the glass tip into the reagent solution, let go of your thumb and index finger, the liquid reagent is sucked into the dropper, and then the dropper is lifted. It is forbidden to squeeze the rubber head in the reagent to prevent the reagent from being polluted by air and containing impurities. After sucking the liquid, the glue head must be upwards, not flat, and not to make the opening of the glass tip upward to avoid corrosion of the glue head. It is also not allowed to put the dropper after absorbing the liquid on the laboratory table to avoid staining the dropper.

Precautions for The Use of The Plastic Dropper

1. The holding method is to clamp the glass part with the middle finger and ring finger to keep it stable, and squeeze the rubber head with the thumb and index finger to control the inhalation or dripping of the reagent.

2. When adding liquid, the glue-tip dropper should not extend into the container, let alone touch the container. The dropper should be suspended vertically 0.5 cm above the container.

3. The dropper cannot be placed upside down or placed flat on the table. Instead, insert it into a clean bottle or test tube.

4. After use, immediately wash the dropper with water. It is strictly prohibited to absorb another reagent without washing. The dropper on the dropper bottle does not need to be cleaned.

5. The rubber cap and the glass dropper should be tightly integrated and airtight. If the rubber cap is aging, replace it in time.

6. When dripping toxic or corrosive liquid into the test tube from the plastic liquid dropper, the tip of the dropper is allowed to touch the inner wall of the test tube.

7. Rubber tip dropper is often used in conjunction with a measuring cylinder.

8. If the dropper is equipped with a dropper, this dropper is dedicated to the dropper and cannot suck other liquids. Do not use the dropper crosswise, nor can it be rinsed with water.

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